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Saturday, June 04, 2005



I am immensely inspired to make an endeavor to look into the close relationship and interlink among those words’ meaning, role, impact, capability, influence on human beings.

It has been very difficult for me to disintegrate the role and influence of each element here. All are undeniably interlinked and interconnected .Hence without the presence of one element another can’t exist or make an impact on that part.

CREATION--If there is one thing on the earth that can interest and grab the attention of other human being that can be creation. As a human being we are more concerned about what we create around our place for betterment of ourselves and others and so on. Though I don’t contradict that life is discovery and exploration of oneself .But there is something which can stand out over that is CREATION of our own identity, presence, world, worth in the society. I believe we can create our own world in form of respective identity in the society rather than being destiny-feared human. I also never deny that we are fate/destiny-driven and doomed to become what we want. But there is one unnoticed truth that 80% of our life is dependant on how we respond to the situations and happenings in our life. We tend to cling on to the ordained life rather than working on creating ourselves better identity in the society. Let me shed the insight of creation much more in following topics.

CHANGE--If at all there is one word which can exist on the earth for ever and outlast human beings is that CHANGE that we can notice, create, experience, undergo in our lives. As we say philosophically let us better change ourselves before Change itself changes us for change. What a powerful and hair-raising proverb it was. In nutshell change changes change for change. Other 2 Following topics will tell one how i somewhat created my own identity and changed myself by being inspired by some energy on the spur of moment.

ATTITUDE-I like to share very very meaningful, billion worth and life-changing message by offering my due courtesy and gratitude to the person who created this for posting it here. Message consists the importance of a valuable word coined ATTITUDE.

As a human being, at the end of the day we all want one thing which is happiness. Where and How do we get it is what question arises before everyone.

A small truth to make life 100%. if A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z is equal to 1,2,3,4,5,,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26.
HARDWORK=98% [H=8, A=1, R=18, D=4, W=23, 0= 15, R=18 K=11] kNOWLEDGE=96%, LOVE=54, LUCK=47, [Don’t most of us think this is the most important???? Practically answering most of us say yesss.Then what makes 100%?? Is it MONEY?.......No!!!!!=72%. LEADERSHIP=89%.

Every problem emerges with a solution .Only if we perhaps change our ATTITUDE to go to the top to that 100%.What we really need to go further a bit more.
ATTITUDE=A=1, T=20, T=20, I=9, T=20, U=21, D=4, E=5 =100%
It is our ATTITUDE towards life and work that makes our life 100%!!!!
ATTITUDE is everything .So let us change our attitude and we change our life!!!

This is great forum to put the feelings that I experienced every since I wrote and posted my poem for first time in the life. Understandably, As I fresher and new person to new exposure .Everyone becomes quite excited and worked up to get the feedback and comments .I intentionally sent the link to most of them whomever I know and interacted closely with.

I was restlessly eager and impatiently curious to hear what they comment on my poem. Oh my goodness! It is something new exposure to me as I underwent all kinds of extremes that one can give it to others on his/her new endeavor of which I felt proud later on and which astonished and led me to question myself that is it possible and plausible to change the way we live around others and think of oneself in different perspective .As I said in previous topics, namely, change and creation. Change will not take place until and unless one tries to do the same thing differently that one is doing rather doing something differently. In the same way we need to create something for ourselves rather than waiting for something to happen for us.

Coming back to poem, there was group of people who become neutral without commenting or giving feedback to me as they thought the subject of poem was not that appealing. From their part it may be true as everyone likes to read something trendy and funny.

There was other category or people who didn’t bother to read ridiculing me and saying boldly that I wasted not only my time also their precious time by sending and asking for their feedback. Oops!!! What a ruthless and bold feedback it was.

There was yet another class of people who said that they didn’t believe that I have written that poem doubting and suspecting my ability to write the poem.Hahahaha what else compliment one can expect from others .It can’t get better than that can it? When somebody says something like u r indirectly and without knowing them get complimented and appreciated for the creative work one has done. My gratitude and special thanks to those ones as they made me special and wonderful.

There was yet another category of people who talked about me making fun of me without knowing me with others that I have gone mad doing all these and sending all these jargons. They exhibited typical human tendency and quality as I have done something illegal, unethical and unacceptable or against someone’s will. When I learnt these gossips from somebody.

There was yet another group who didn’t comment immediately as they were busy with other works surprisingly these were the people from whom I expected whatsoever kind of feedback badly as they were close to me at heart. When I asked them orally about this .They apologized for not commenting on something worth-appreciating at that moment. They whole-heartedly appreciated and encouraged. They also later on suggested me to keep it up and correct few of things in writing poem. I am really grateful and thankful to them as they appreciated my new venturous effort.

There was a yet another group of people to whom I should be grateful and convey special thanks to, as they complimented and praised my work looking at the thing positively.

Basically this is not only an effort to put across my feelings towards that situation also to shed the light on kinds and types of people with different attitude that we can find around us on the earth. I am not against anyone of them or favorable to anyone of them.

This is just to explain and describe that every human is born with some kind of unique thing called ATTITUDE. Let us work on having better attitude for the betterment of ourselves, others, mainly for living happily and more importantly making better environment for other creatures of the world and society itself.

SELF-BELIEF-This is something every one wants to get within themselves from whatever they do as early as possible for confident living in the future. Taking the real situation of mine into consideration that I explained earlier, it is classical example for role of SELF-BELIEF.I went through a situation and feeling with which I felt and questioned myself that did I do something funny/ridiculous/not acceptable?
But when I retrospected, introspected myself and realized later on that one has to believe oneself and in his/her ability which most of times we lack due to overawing and unprecedented exposure which we undergo and pass through quite often in real life as world is full of unexpected happenings.

That is how I started believing in myself and in my ability of doing something like this improving on this day by day for own betterment in that situation. I will be greatly ecstatic and delighted if someone can benefit from this and take the situation as an inspirational incident.

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Professional Vs Personal life

Professional Vs Personal life

1. How can one be a professional?
According to marketing and business term, Professional is the one who is paid fairly for her/his expertise and certified qualification preferably obtained from his/her academic background rather than their actual intellectuality, experience and ability acquired.

2. What does professional behavior entail?
Professional behavior in the form of environment can be formed by an individuals-operated firm which is difficult to draw the line as employees under him/her are in small set-up and probability of changing of behavior is high and bound to happen quite often. He/She feels to be having freedom of behaving however he/she wants.Whereas as company can have set of ethical, legal...so on things in writing as it has be to followed across many places by setting standards and creating a restricted and controlled environment within company itself.

3. What is a personal relationship?
Personal relationship is the one in which all our members of personal life are involved, namely, our own close-knit family, close/distant relatives, friends, neighbors, and other personally known ones.

4. What is a professional relationship?
It can be interpreted as a relationship in which all our professionally related people involved including collogues, business people in the fraternity, customers, and other business partners…etc.

5. Are workplace friendships good or bad?
6. How does one draw a line between professional and personal relationship?
It is hard to say whether it is good and bad, as everyone has different opinion about this in their outlooks. What is good for me might be good for u. In the same way, what is comfortable in professional life might be uncomfortable to others. It is upto one to realize to what extent we need to draw the line. The line that we draw now can be erased and crossed by us only in near/long future as and when we feel that we need some more from our professional life because of extension of expectations which takes place due to many internal and external factors, namely lack of emotional support from personal life, exploration of something new and unexplored from professional, for selfish reasons.

So, as long as, we are clear and aware of our comfort zone, what we are, what we want and want to expect from workplace friendship by realizing our needs and intentions. Collogues can be irritatingly intrusive and perceptive in our personal lives as they spend most of time with us in the office. In most of cases, they will be knowing about us better than our spouses and closed ones. Until and unless we have someone with whom we can share and confide in our personal life’s details. We need to draw a line somewhere which is snug to us. In reality it is rare to get to someone who discreet ,supportive and helpful to our personal lives as margin of crossing the line is so thin.
Both can be interlinked too providing we are in an environment which is conducive and ideal for a professional to discuss and blend both relationships together. But, practically speaking, in reality it is very hard to get as it may not exist most of times. Even though it exists, there is always threat and probability of change of so-called conducive atmosphere.

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Transformation within oneself


I remember reading a phrase of by miss universe 2005 pageant today saying that "One needs to step out of their comfort zone to experience the unexplored things in their lives”. That phrase registered in my mind deeply and I started wondering how true it can be after having started chatting with a valuable and intellectually articulate friend on the net a week back. If I hadn’t taken initiative of chatting with her, I wouldn’t have met such a charismatically poetic personality on the net. I want to let her know that I have been transformed, swayed by her personality to a great extent in short span of a week’s time.

Although she was typical of herself I started observing and noticing multi-faceted personalities of her day by day right from being cool, composed, modest, humble, considerate, blunt in approach, unintrusive, helpful in developing others to compete with her, disciplined, in freedom of being independent, in love with oneself, hungry for learning new things, and so an so forth.

But the kind of approach she adopted a few days back I was shocked The kind of coolness with which she said that she didn’t mind walking nude in her house when she was alone at home, was something atypical of a woman. But I had learnt that a woman can be more expressive and communicable than a man. This was the classic example of it. This is the reason why a woman was kept in enclosed place called home as housewife in older generations as she could carry herself in controlled and unexcited manner unlike a man by being more capable of doing anything on the earth .

She helped me set high standards in making friendship and expecting more than what I was expecting from a friend through out my chatting life in the right sense. As I went on and on chatting with her...I felt how I was chatting with everyone who initiated without being selective and demanding for my betterment.

Note-Comment of welcome!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Goodness of a human being

Haiii dear pals,

It is quite debatable what goodness of a human being means? I would like to make an effort in bringing a few thoughts out about what goodness is all about from my own point of view.It was one such a day when, as usual, I was involved in performing one of my primary activities which included getting permission for installations of electronic equipment. Though I was doing the same activity for some time now, on that particular day I came across a situation wherein I experienced one the concept of goodness in a human being.

We, as social animal and trier of dedicated and obedient person for our profession for selfish reason classify and label and stereotype others into bad who doesn’t co-operate us and good who does co-operate us. Though categorization sounds good and fair to us as we look at the things from our own selfish perspective. We tend to forget the thinking process of opposite person and third person since they look at the same things completely different angle. For others we may sound not good as we are trying to do what we want selfishly without understanding the mind of other by being inconsiderate.

Inspired from an article on shampoos and an incident from my regular life I would like to discuss the aspect of goodness in a human being.

The article on shampoos talks of good and bad shampoos in the market and explains that there is in fact no good or bad shampoo in the market! Each shampoo has different effect on different hair textures and qualities. Hence as the judgement on products is relative from person to person so is it with every other aspect of life.

Working for a broadband company every time a new installation of the cable is made in a particular street or area I am required to install a switch in one of the resident’s premises.

Usually I am faced with many questions and the process can become very tasking. Each client is curious as to why it has to be installed in their residence.
This time it was with an Advocate’s residence and he lent me the permission to install this switch immediately. The whole process, for which I was prepared mentally, was supposed to be cumbersome, but turned out to be absolutely smooth.
The question was, Should I have to consider others who didn’t allow and permit me to keep the equipment inside their premises as not good persons? But answer was categorically NO. I asked myself, we as human being and social animal consider others who help us on the process good, who don’t as bad person [this word though vary in usage]I later on, took the word good back, though suitable at that moment but, saying to myself that the person who permitted was rather generous and broadminded. Though advocate was good at heart too. I said to myself that I can’t pigeonhole other who didn’t permit me as they have some internal and external problems and difficulties to help me in my activity.

Happy with the outcome I shared my experience with my colleague and called this Advocate (client) a good person.

Later in retrospect I thought of why I judged this person as a “good human being”. The way he is….

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Dear Buddies,

This is to inform you all buddies out there that i have selected this topic which is untouched by others with intent of sheding the insight on the depressed people across the globe in order to help them overcome the deadly crisis called depression.Kindly join the hands with me to assist them mentally through this media and with this forum which is accessible and free to any depressed person who have passed through the phenomenon in thier life.My intention is to allow them to put accross thier feelings and experience to unburden themseves and live happily rest of life in the future.I am requestin u all to put across ur voice to this to let depressed person or surrounding people to behave with them in inspiring manner which brings thier happy life back .


We, in day to day life, witness a lot of people who are in depression which is expressed and communed verbally or non-verbally or with facial expression only. Depression might be fleeting pang feeling or long lasting strong feeling. Fundamentally and literally depression is something which lasts for longer time as shorter version of depression can be better called as sadness/sorrowfulness/ extreme of unhappiness/ higher degree of disparity/lack of hopefulness/disappointment/ frustration. Depression can be combination of aforementioned phenomenon or combination of few of those elements,

Depression is something that no one wants to experience and undergo frequently. But saying here that one can’t go through depression be it short or long run is illogical and unrealistic as everyone goes through that at some point of their life / at different stage of life. Every one is susceptible and vulnerable to this.

More importantly one has to bear in mind that without feeling sad now and then though nobody prefers to undergo. One can’t test the resilience and strongness of one’s personality and improve/work on becoming better person in the life. As it teaches the lessons of what is lacking in one and which is the area that is sensitive in one’s character. It is testing time of a person whether he/she can withstand and face the challenge. But there are situations which can’t be controlled and is out of out controlling ability.

Mysterious Question is why does one get sad or depressed? Though it is difficult to bracket everybody together in one category .Hence each has their own way of feeling depressed having possessed their strength and weakness in various areas of total personality. They will feel depressed and sad. As everyone hopes to achieve and acquire something and when someone fails to get what is expected from the situation/act/activity/event/someone or more ever when his/her ego will get dented by unexpected and unpleasant happenings.

What are the depressant that makes man to feel to have been depressed? Depressing factors have different kinds of impact on one. Something which depresses one can’t be potential enough to depress other one. So one which makes a person sad might not be necessarily a depressant to other person. But one who undergoes the period of depression can come back with strong person if he/she thinks it in right angle.

What are the typical characteristics of depressed person? The person who is depressed typically will be in pensive, hopeless mood. He looks at his/her life mostly from negative angle only. As he has not hopes and expectations from that act whether he/she can succeed in that .He/she tries to withdraw /distance/isolate himself /herself always. He/She will not be in position to perform any silly activity to him. For him/her world seems to have been lonely, cynical and selfish. One becomes as incompetent and diffident as ignorant child.

What is mentality of repeatedly depressed person? It is here significant to glimpse at this person as he/she has experienced this extreme several times in the past. It is highly plausible for this person to internalize the mindset of feeling depressed in the mind assuming that I am very sensitive and can’t overcome this forever. In the regard, It is recommended for him/her to pass through counseling sessions as it changes the enter perspective of looking at things of this person. He/she has to realize that it is not exactly the fault of this person, though; the person is trying to get over it. Positively speaking, situations can be against this person by being challenged by repetitive obstacles and stumbling blocks. It dents the confidence of this person.

How can we overcome that? The better way of dealing with depression is introspecting and realizing oneself that depression can be short-lasting if he wants to subdue it by looking at it from positive angle and scanning the situation to know the things which are depressing as one scans the virus on the computer to get rid of it and accepting that they are depressed and out of their element which are against them at this moment.
Past is past that can’t be taken back .Only what one can do is taking the good things that happened to us and feeling proud of ourselves for having tried to master that. One has to try to live in the moment rather than fostering or dwelling on the unpleasant feelings that haunt often.

One has to determine oneself that he/she has to challenge against it and overcome that at the earliest.Untill and unless one resolves within oneself whatever way they adopt to surmount that can’t be successful in the process. Where there is will, there is a way. Everyday is different and new to one as world is changing radically day by day. There are many ways available to depressed person to deal with that. By adopting meditation techniques, sharing with confidents whom he/she can believe and trust. But keeping one thing in mind they should go about this. Without allowing others to sympathize with depressed person again and again .As mercy may make that feeling resurface again. Here comes the need of counselor if it is really sever and serious .Other way is involving oneself in some other activities that one is partial of .As it takes the attention of depressed man to most liked activity .In return it brings a smile on the face and distract the mind altogether. Going to pleasant and refreshing place just for change of environment is also advisable idea as it refreshes and brings the radical changes in one’s mind and takes the depressed feelings away from the person. But it is imperative and indispensable for one to engage themselves with other positive person by helping and talking about something good always.

Role of other persons around him/her? Having said that by not feeling sympathatical with somebody deeply as it makes their situation still worse until and unless they want to share something with the person for relieving and unburdening themselves. It is better to feel sorry for a minute and assist emotionally and mentally them to become stronger by counseling them in friendly way without raking past out over and over.



Dear buddies ,

It is important to shed light more about Auto in the form of poem.I was inspired by a spur of moment when having driven behind an Auto a couple of days ago.So that moment motivatated me to put the thoughs and lines in poem.Comments are most welcome.

Poem on Auto

Auto, Auto, Auto,
Three-wheeled Auto, Medium-sized Auto,

Having also known as Rick, Ricksha,
Driving also in kerosene for bicksha,

Using the word NO never in vocabulary,
Drowsing in no worries over and over in circulary,

Boasting with higher maneuverability,
Hoisting green-signaled flag with invariability,

Causing the blocks on the road,
Cruising the ride on the road,

Having been ready for any way,
Weaving in and out of way,

Placing a driver with brown,
Tracing a traveler with crown,

Driving from morning to late night,
Braving the elements in bad light,

Heartening the passenger with a ride,
Threatening the follower with a tide,

Fleecing the travelers for extra money,
Freezing the way for extra honey,

Taking circuitously the detours as addition,
Breaking incautiously the rules as tradition,

Hovering in the back head with thoughts,
Covering the back way with dust,

Hogging the way of pursuers,
Bogging the way of fellow-drivers

Doubling the rate of journey in the night,
Troubling the fate of journey in the Mr.Right,

Carrying in load in relay,
Tarrying in road in delay,

Paying cop extra for violation,
Baying at cop extra for negotiation,

Baking in the sun from dawn to dusk,
Taking no Bun and Rusk,

Supporting one other in the fraternity,
Rapporting none in the society,

Gushing out a large amount of smoke,
Rushing by not minding the use of also coke,

Running a duped meter for deceiving,
Cunning a dumbed payer for living '